Andrew N. Rubin

Selected Talks and Papers





“Orientalism, Philology, and Weltkultur?” Society for the Study of the Novel, The Novel in or Against World Literature, University of Pittsburgh, May, 2016.


“Thinking through Catastrophe: Orientalism, European anti-Semitism, and the Responsibility of Comparative Literature, American Comparative Literature Association, Harvard University, March 2016.


“Philology in Exile: Orientalism, Western Anti-Semitism, and Auerbach’s Figura,” Seminar on Mimesis,  American Comparative Literature Association, University of Washington, 2015.


“Thinking through Catastrophes: Arendt and Said in Counterpoint,” Postcolonial Division Panel, MLA, 2015.


“Orientalism and the History of Western Anti-Semitism: The Coming End of an American Taboo,” American Comparative Literature Association, New York University, March 2014.


“Exile, European anti-Semitism, and the Dialectic of Enlightenment: Re-reading the Culture Industry,” University of Connecticut, Storrs, November, 2015.


“Orientalism and the History of Western Anti-Semitism,” University of Pennsylvania, Department of English Literature, April, 2014.


“Late Ecologies of the Human: Empire, Terror, and ‘World’ Literature,” University of Connecticut, Storrs. Department of English and Department of Romance Languages and Culture, April, 2013.

“Transnationalism and World Literary Space.” University of Maryland, College Park, November 2011.